Solar Powered Cars in Sydney?

As solar power increases in popularity, the use of solar panels to power technology increases to span different genres. Solar Panels Melbourne powered calculators are commonplace, as are solar panels for cellphone charging purposes. Now, Ford’s green innovations have come in the form of an electric plug-in car that also can siphon energy from the sun. The new concept car has been dubbed the Ford C Max Solar Energi, and if it ends up being produced en masse, it will be the very first hybrid car in history to also have a solar panel on its rooftop.

Ford recently unveiled and displayed the C Max Solar Energi at a show in Las Vegas as a hybrid vehicle compact car. Promoters touting its unique way of supporting green efforts are especially proud about the Energi’s unique sun-hunting tech. Using a variety of sensors, the Energi’s solar panels shift positions throughout the day and year in order to get the most sun possible regardless of the car’s position, the season it currently is, or even the time of day. In fact, the Energi even has a self-parking feature that allows the car to creep a few feet forward or back within several hours in order to help the panels absorb as much light as possible.

The car does have its issues that need to be pounded out before any thoughts of selling could happen. It will take a lot of work to make the solar panels keep the car in continuous motion for a long time, even though the C Max Solar is supposed to be a very lightweight, easily driven compact car. There may also be some issues with the new car’s self-parking functions which may in turn cause problems along the lines of small accidents, parking tickets, and other such hiccups. Chances are that if the car is produced on a very large scale, it will not be allowed to move by itself. Ford will not be able to sell the car until these issues have been fixed.

As of right now, there have been no announcements about whether or not the Ford C Mad Energi willn be perfected and sent to be produced en masse. There are no specific dates about when the news would be made, if it would be made, nor have there been any estimates on how much a hybrid solar car would cost. So, right now, everything is a big maybe.

Even so, the concept C Max Solar Energi is a clear example of the power that solar energy can potentially have, as well as the interest that people have in incorporating it into all aspects of our lives. Today, we are just beginning to see the seeds of a wave of solar powered electric hybrids being created and conceptualized for the very first time. It should not take too long to see real life versions of these kinds of cars on the roads of Sy

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