Beginnings Anti-Aging Skin Renewal Treatment

Before bringing it to market, extensive, independent clinical testing was performed. Ingrid Trenkle, MD, a prominent dermatologist in Southern California, did an initial evaluation of Beginnings. She was so impressed that she agreed to conduct clinical tests of the product. The patients in the trial experienced zero side effects and reported that Beginnings was gentle and exceptionally effective. Click here for more information

Q. How does Beginnings work?

A. Until now, the usual way to remove dull, dead skin was with the usual products and procedures. They’ve left a lot to be desired. Beginnings, with a totally new and revolutionary formula, offers the unparalleled benefit of lifting-or literally absorbing-dead skin from the surface without harming healthy tissue. The process involves a unique formula known as a “non-invasive desquamating agent” (NDA). Beginnings introduces the unique absorbing power of calcium, together with the polishing action of collagen, to extend the healthy life of your skin.

Q.How does Beginnings compare in price?

A. There is no comparison. Microdermabrasion can run into the hundreds of dollars, usually involving multiple treatments. And, even small quantities of prescription products are expensive. Beginnings, however, is used just twice a week, and lasts for months. Plus, Beginnings is recommended for use on the entire face-including sensitive eye and lip areas-eliminating the need for an array of costly single-purpose products.

Q.How is Beginnings applied?

A. It couldn’t be simpler. Just twice a week, massage a small amount of the pure, cell renewal treatment powder onto your dampened face with moist fingertips. Working in a circular motion, start at your chin and work upward to the hairline. (You’ll notice that dead skin will slough off immediately while areas not needing exfoliation will have no residue.) Wait a few seconds, and rinse. In one safe, swift, and gentle step, your skin is exfoliated and hydrated. Beginnings also works its gentle wonders on the most delicate facial areas-your lips and eyes. You only need to look in the mirror to discover the fast and fabulous benefits of Beginnings.

Q.Will Beginnings work on my skin type?

A. Absolutely! Beginnings can be used safely by everyone: Caucasian, Black, Mediterranean, Asian, etc. You’ll see there are no dry, flaky, ashy effects to deal with. Acid-based products, on the other hand, are damaging to most skin types.

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